Hammons School of Architecture

Architecture Minor

A minor in architecture is available for non-Architecture majors. It is structured with the intention of providing maximum flexibility for individual student needs while providing a basic understanding of curriculum content. The required courses for the minor are:

ARCH 111: Foundations of Studio and Design
ARCH 112: Architectural Design II
ARCH 251: History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art I
ARCH 252: History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art I
Two architecture courses at the 200 level or above

The procedure for selecting the two additional courses is as follows:  the student, in consultation with an advisor, develops a proposal listing the desired additional courses. If the student has not met a prerequisite for the course(s), the student must obtain the instructor’s permission to waive the prerequisite. The completed proposal and a completed Declaration of Major and Minor form are then submitted for approval to the director of the Hammons School of Architecture.