Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Drury University.

Drury's purpose, as stated in the articles of association:

" to afford to youth of both sexes ample facilities of instruction and discipline in those arts and sciences, a knowledge of which constitutes what is commonly known as a 'liberal education' by always maintaining in said college as comprehensive courses of study and as high standard of instruction and scholarship as prevail in other American colleges of the first rank and at the same time to train youth in the high morality and culture of the Christian religion." more...


Life Trustees

Life Trustees are former Trustees who have demonstrated : (1) proven devotion and dedication to higher education, especially to the University; (2) outstanding service and assistance to the President and his staff; and (3) unusual and outstanding stewardship of resources on behalf of the University. Current Life Trustees are:

Emeritus Trustees

Emeritus Trustees are former Trustees who have served as Trustee with distinction and have been designated as Emeritus Trustees by the Board. Current Emeritus Trustees are: