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Students in the Drury School of Education and Child Development have a powerful opportunity to spend a semester pursuing coursework in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Stranmillis University is one of the premier education preparation institutions in the United Kingdom. Located on a former estate near the center of Belfast, Stranmillis offers a powerfully different perspective on the process of education.

Depending on the semester, future teachers at Drury can engage both coursework and teaching time as part of their study abroad. In the fall semester, Drury students at Stranmillis take a full complement of coursework, with options for Irish culture and history, European educational philosophy, and specific teaching methodologies. During the spring semester, our students combine reduced coursework with teaching or assisting in a Belfast school for an extraordinary practicum experience, which can then be applied to their teacher certification at Drury.

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Standard Options

  • School-based practicum for 10, 20, or 30 days (2.5, 5, or 7.5 credits)
    • Very independent in nature, but flexible
  • Aspects of Northern Ireland Culture and Education (2.5 credits)
  • Landmarks in Irish History: Ulster Peace and Conflict, 1600-2000 (5 credits)

Elementary (Primary) Options

  • Literacy, Math and Numeracy
  • Arts, PE, World Around Us

Secondary (Post-Primary) Options

  • Business, Math, Technology, Religion

The program is dependent on your needs and preparation and is amenable to course of study at Drury (especially with planning!) The semester typically begins and ends two weeks after Drury.

Stranmillis University

Stranmillis is a beautiful single campus, affiliated with Queens University. It is located on the grounds of a former estate, with two controlled entrances and 46 acres of wooded grounds. Their facilities are extraordinary, from library to learning environments to housing. Stranmillis enjoys existing study partnerships with California, Virginia, Malta, Uganda, Zambia, and Europe (through Erasmus).


  • Single rooms
  • Communal kitchen areas with food storage
  • Breakfast and dinner, seven days a week
  • Staff on duty during day, 24-hour campus security
  • Choice of communal or en suite bath
  • Linen service, paid laundry
  • Wi-Fi

Campus life

  • Refectory/Dining Hall
  • Scholars bar/commons
  • Campus common rooms with televisions and computers attached to laundry

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast (pop. 286,000) has the feel of a small city, with lots of cultural diversity packed in a small area. It is friendly to walkers, with a high-quality public transportation system and a number of parks. With proximity to the city center, several theaters and museums, and Queens University, there is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the culture of this wonderful town.

If you choose to explore outside of Belfast, the options are many: 

  • Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills distillery, etc.
  • Bus to Republic of Ireland
  • Flights or ferry to Scotland, England, Wales
  • Flights to Europe

Importantly, the housing system at Stranmillis allows for staying after term to take advantage of being in Europe.


  • Drury tuition & fees do not change – they are the same as staying at Drury for the semester
  • Drury housing and meals are not charged for the semester at Stranmillis
  • Stranmillis housing – includes room, breakfast and dinner (2015-16 estimates):
    • $175/week (communal bathroom), $210/week (en suite)
    • For a 16-week semester, $2760/$3360
  • Drury administrative charge: $315
  • Transportation, roundtrip air (estimate): $1300
  • Passport and Tier 4 visa: $135 + $500

All Drury scholarships and financial aid are transferrable, except some activity grants, the residential scholarship and work-study.


For further information or questions:

Dr. Laurie Edmondson
Director of Elementary Education
Professor of Education
Lay 102
(417) 873-7569

Dr. Tom Russo
Assoc. Dean, Intl. Programs
FSC 203
(417) 873-7503

Stranmillis University in Belfast
Stranmillis University in Belfast
Residential Block of Stranmillis University in Belfast
River Lagan at Stranmillis University in Belfast
Stranmillis University in Belfast
Stranmillis University in Belfast
Stranmillis University in Belfast