President's Council on Inclusion

President's Council on Inclusion

Mission Statement: The President’s Council on Inclusion advises and counsels the Office of the President on the growth of an inclusive climate for all people on the Drury campus that reflects the University’s core values of free expression and critical inquiry. The Council’s work may include recommending programming and campus events; advising on the recruitment and retention of a diversity of students, staff, and faculty; and assisting with the identification of areas of concern.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Current Members

  • Marilyn Harris - Chair
  • Aaron Jones
  • Chris Branton
  • Ed Derr
  • Kelli Roberts
  • Lisa Tessier
  • Mike Barnes
  • Rosalyn Thomas
  • Tijuana Julian
  • Granville Adkins
  • Jennifer Joslin
  • Tim Reese

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