Political Science Major

A degree in political science leads to a wide range of rewarding careers. Employers value people who can
adapt and solve problems, who have excellent written and oral communication skills, who are able to
understand and use quantitative data, and who can think critically and creatively. Classes in political
science stress the development and exercise of exactly these kinds of skills.

Drury political science graduates attend law school, graduate school, and work in both the public and
private sectors, including law, international organizations, media, academia, government, secondary
education, non-profits, administration, human resources, diplomacy, and business.

The Political Science major requires a minimum 37 hours of coursework, with optional tracks in American
Politics and International Affairs. Students take a required set of 19 credit hours, and then choose 18
credit hours of electives. Students choosing to track must take at least 12 out of their 18 total elective
credit hours either in American Politics or International Affairs courses. No more than 6 credit hours of
electives may be at the 200 level (at least 12 hours of electives must be at the 300 or 400 level). PLSC 302,
PLSC 356 and PLSC 370 may be taken for either the American Politics or International Affairs tracks.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses: