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Drury University has a tradition of graduating students in natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics that become leaders in education, research, industry, and healthcare.  Faculty actively engage students in relevant and meaningful educational experiences both in the classroom and research laboratory to develop skills that enable graduates to successfully enter doctoral programs and health professional schools as well as secure employment in teaching and industry. 

Our faculty are dedicated to helping students:

  • Discover their path through personal advising and mentoring.
  • Excel in the classroom, laboratory and workplace.
  • Inspire others through involvement with the community.

Contact Us:

Dr. Albert Korir

Dean, College of Natural & Mathematical Sciences
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Trustee Science Center 201
Office: (417) 873-7509

Our Programs

Portrait of Albert Korir

Message From Dean Korir

Welcome to the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at Drury University.  Students in the CNMS receive high quality education in natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics that focuses on accumulation of knowledge, development of analytical and critical thinking skills, and proficiency in the use of computers and scientific instrumentation.  In addition, all students at Drury have a liberal arts foundation at the core of their educational experience which provides students with strong writing and speaking skills as well as an enhanced understanding and appreciation of diverse individuals and cultures. Students graduating from the CNMS successfully enter doctoral programs, health professional schools, and secure employment in education and industry.

The CNMS offers Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental biology, exercise physiology, medical technology, and behavioral neuroscience as well as BA degrees in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics.  Faculty teaching in each of these programs are committed to high quality, relevant, and personalized education.

In addition to classroom and laboratory experiences, students in the CNMS are also involved in meaningful research with faculty mentors.  Students are involved in projects such as writing new computer programs for regional businesses, synthesizing and testing anticancer pharmaceuticals, studies on community and ecosystem ecology of springs and determining movement of space debris.  Students involved in research present their findings at local, regional and national meetings and competitions.

The CNMS is committed to involvement of students with career professionals through shadowing and internship experiences as well as serving the community through volunteer activities.  Students gain work experience through internships with companies such as CoxHealth Systems, O’Reilly Auto Parts and the Watershed Center.  Students also have the opportunity to be involved in community service through groups such as the Drury Health Service Corps.

Opportunities provided for CNMS students in the classroom, laboratory, and in the community enable to students to develop intellectually and socially in order to become the next generation of leaders in healthcare, science, technology and mathematics.