Meador Center Local Community Engagement Scholarship Application

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Please note, you must meet all requirements to receive this scholarship. Visit our additional scholarships page for need based funds.

Founded in 2015 by the endowment in honor of Professor L.E. Meador, the Drury University Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship is dedicated to the academic inquiry of politics and citizenship in the modern world.  The work of the Meador Center is to inspire and engage Drury University students and faculty to work toward that “more democratic and more hopeful world” of which Professor Meador spoke.

The L.E. Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship also seeks to connect the community of scholars at Drury University with the city, state, national, and global communities which Drury and its scholars inhabit. The Center is engaged in a variety of educational and civic programs, and the Local Community Engagement scholarship is meant to support student participation in projects in the Springfield and/or surrounding communities that furthers the objective of developing Professor Meador’s vision of a “more democratic and hopeful world.”

Examples of internships or experiences that fit into this category may include but are NOT limited to: Jordan Valley Community Health Center, CASA, Homeless Coalition, Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, local political party headquarters, local politicians or political campaigns, not-for profit entities, governmental entities, public legal entitles and the like.

Local Community Engagement scholarships carry a scholarship of up to $250, and Drury University students of ANY MAJOR are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

PLEASE NOTE: This scholarship does NOT apply to projects the student has already completed in a prior semester. Please target your application to projects embarked upon in the following semester (or early in the current semester).  Any money awarded will be applied to the applicant’s account in the semester in which the project applied for is fulfilled (e.g. apply in the Fall semester for a project that is taking place the following Spring).

To be considered for the Local Community Engagement Scholarship, applicants should provide the information below and submit this form online.  Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision.

The board will evaluate applications on a combination of the following: quality of the application, how well it fits with Professor Meador’s vision, academic merit, and financial need.