The Drury Awards

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The Drury Awards recognizes students, faculty, and staff who exceed expectations and prove to be exemplary leaders, scholars and citizens. 

Individual Awards

Drury Difference Maker

The Drury Difference Maker exemplifies true spirit for Drury, supports the traditions and ideals of the University through their involvement on campus, and demonstrates a dedication to improving the overall student experience at Drury University above and beyond others.

Drury Diversity and Inclusion Award

The President’s Council on Inclusion advises and counsels the Office of the President on the growth of an inclusive climate for all people on the Drury campus. We would like to recognize a student, staff, or faculty member who goes beyond in leadership that recognizes the dignity and respect of all people, models inclusivity, and encourages diverse perspectives on our campus.

Faculty/Staff Advisor of the Year

The Faculty/Staff Advisor of the Year award recognizes an advisor who has provided exceptional leadership and guidance to aid students or a student organization. Academic and student organization advisors will be considered. 

Faculty/Staff Dedication to Community Engagement

The Faculty/Staff Dedication to Community Engagement award recognizes a faculty or staff member for their continued dedication to community engagement and fostering reciprocal partnerships between the University and the community.

Organization Officer of the Year

The Organization Officer of the Year award recognizes a student organization officer who has demonstrated exceptional leadership for their organization. The officer’s dedication to the organization’s mission and purpose, improvement of the organization, and member development will be considered.

Outstanding Community Engagement

The Outstanding Community Engagement award recognizes a student who has dedicated a significant amount of time serving the community. The student’s impact on the community and total service hours will be considered. 

Outstanding New Student

The Outstanding New Student award will recognize a student in their first academic year at Drury University who has demonstrated a dedication to being involved in many areas of student life at Drury and their academics.

Student Organization Awards

Event/Program of the Year

The Event/Program of the Year award recognizes a student organization that implements an innovative campus event or program. Events will be considered for their overall success as well as how they forward the organization’s mission.

Most Improved Organization

The Most Improved Organization award recognizes the student organization that has shown the greatest improvement from the previous year. Improvement in daily operations, overall programming, and ability to meet the organization’s mission and purpose will be considered.

Panther Service Cup

The Panther Service Cup recognizes a registered student organization for their outstanding commitment to community engagement. Total service hours per member and overall impact to the community will be considered.

Student Organization of the Year

The Student Organization of the Year award recognizes a registered student led organization that has exceeded expectations in fulfilling their mission and purpose while benefiting both Drury University and the community.