Housing Contract

Room and Board Agreement

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Apartment-style residents will have the opportunity to lower their meal plan to 45 meals per semester with $150 of credit to use at the CX or Einstein Bros. Bagels. You will be able to change your meal plan at the time of placement in the apartments.


Student certifies that they will be enrolled as a full-time Drury day school student or will be enrolled in Drury graduate courses for the academic year selected. Student agrees to live in campus housing as a full-time undergraduate day student unless the student is granted exemption from the university housing policy by the Housing office. As long as the student is a full-time undergraduate in the day school or enrolled in Drury graduate courses, this contract is for housing and meal plan for the entire academic year, or one semester with permission from the Housing office for study abroad, student teaching or due to graduation; or, if application is for accommodations after the beginning of the academic year, for that part of the academic year remaining after the effective date of the assignment of accommodations. Students admitted to campus housing mid-year will only be billed for the time they occupy housing and for the full cost of the meal plan.

Student authorizes Drury University to charge the student account for all room and board fees, damage/cleaning fees, and/or cancellation fees and use monies from federal funds, grants, loans, and other sources to pay these charges. Student agrees to pay interest of 1% per month, collection costs, and legal fees on unpaid balances. Charges made by Drury University may be paid either in full or by installments as indicated in the financial section of the Drury University catalog prior to the start of classes or entry into campus housing. Students who withdraw from Drury University before the end of the year should consult the Drury University catalog regarding refunds. Student agrees to not cancel this housing contract at any time, either before or during the academic year, unless no longer a full-time day school student or graduate student; otherwise, only the university may break the contract based on a student’s Request for Exemption. Should the university break this contract due to an exemption request, student agrees to pay applicable cancellation fees and prorated amounts for housing and meal plan. Room and board are available according to the university calendar and will not be available when residence halls are closed. Drury University can refuse any application for housing. If student fails to occupy assigned accommodations on or before the first day of classes of the period covered by this contract without having given the Housing office notice of delayed arrival, the accommodations may be assigned to another student, but delayed arrival shall not relieve the student of responsibility for accepting other available accommodations.

Failure to honor the student’s assignment or roommate preferences will not void this contract. In case of a vacancy in a double or triple room, the remaining occupant may elect to pay the private room fee (if space permits) or the occupant may be requested to move to another room or be assigned a roommate. While every effort will be made to assign compatible individuals, the decision of the Housing office is final, and student agrees to accept any roommate(s) assigned with them. The Housing office will facilitate a room consolidation process as often as necessary.

Drury University reserves the right to cancel this housing contract at any time with no refunds.

Student has read and agrees to the terms and conditions stated on this contract and will review and follow the Community Standards Handbook & the academic catalog. Hard copies of the Community Standards are available at the Dean of Students office.

Agreement Guaranteeing Payment of Charges

Your parent or legal guardian must also sign this agreement if you are under age 18. I, the parent or legal guardian of the student, agree that if the student does not pay the charges, I am responsible to pay.

General Housing Policies, Regulations, and Conditions

The following regulations and policies have been adopted for the residence halls at Drury University and are part of the contract between the university and the residents of the halls. Harmonious residential living at Drury University requires respect for the property and supervisory personnel of the university. It also demands respect for the property, privacy and academic pursuits of fellow residents. To help foster and encourage an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, the following regulations are in effect and are a part of the contract between the university and the residents and guests of the halls.

1. Campus housing is available to full-time day school students and graduate students aged 17+.
2. The student agrees to abide by the laws of the State of Missouri and the ordinances of the City of Springfield.
3. Illegal use, trafficking, and possession of alcohol, drugs, and paraphernalia are forbidden. Please refer to the alcohol and drug policies in the Community Standards Handbook for details.
4. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the university campus.
5. Gambling is not permitted on the university campus.
6. Pets (except fish) are not permitted in campus housing. A minimum $150.00 fine will automatically be charged to your student account for allowing animals in your residence.
7. Candles (with wicks), incense, fireworks, etc., pose possible fire hazards and are prohibited in university campus housing.
8. The following electrical appliances are permitted: coffeemakers, air popcorn poppers and toasters. Sunderland, Wallace, and apartment residents may bring an additional minifridge (up to 4.3 cubic feet per room). Hot plates, microwaves, refrigerators, crock pots, instapots, air fryers, toaster ovens, George Foreman Grills, space heaters, or any other appliance with open coils are not allowed. Microwaves and refrigerator/freezers are provided in each residence hall suite.
9. Each student is responsible for bringing their own TV/streaming devices. Satellite dishes are not permitted.
10. Quiet hours should be observed from 11 p.m. until 9 a.m. Courtesy hours should be observed 24 hours per day. Noise must be maintained at levels where they will not infringe upon the study or sleep habits of others.
11. Tacks, nails, and tape will damage walls, paint and woodwork. Suspend items using Command 3M products and use university-provided bulletin boards to hang items.
12. University furniture should remain intact, and mirrors, bulletin boards, etc., should remain attached to walls. All university furniture must remain in the assigned unit. Additional couches and beds are prohibited.
13. Rooms should be kept locked when not occupied. The university accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles.
14. Loss of key will cost a minimum of $50 for replacement key and core. Charges are based on current market value.
15. Student Affairs Staff and maintenance/custodial/technology services personnel will inspect rooms and conduct health and safety checks in all residential rooms and facilities periodically for damages and policy violations/safety concerns/work orders/ after a resident moves out. They also reserve the right to enter the privacy of a student’s room or living facility in case of emergency (such as fire, health emergencies), and probable violation of university policy, etc.
16. Pre-existing damage to your room should be reported to Facilities immediately upon discovery. Residents will be held individually responsible for any damage done to their rooms and may be held collectively responsible for any other damage occurring to individual rooms or campus housing facilities. Rooms and common areas must be kept clean by the residents. Public area damages will be assessed as needed and charged to appropriate accounts.
17. Individuals are personally responsible for upholding university policy in all university housing facilities and will be held personally accountable should violations occur. Residents are held responsible for their guests.
18. Residents and guests may visit in secured main lounges 24 hours a day. Residents and guests may visit each other’s rooms only during approved open hours. Overnight guests must be registered with the Residence Life staff. Refer to Community Standards Handbook for details.
19. No one may move in or out of campus housing without the approval of the Housing office. Approval is granted first through the Housing office and then it is referred to the Dean of Students. Residents may not sublease units.
20. Drury is a tobacco-free campus. Individuals who use tobacco and nicotine products on campus may be subject to judicial sanctions. See Drury University Tobacco-Free policy for more information.
21. Tampering with fire alarm systems, alarm pull stations, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and safety equipment is prohibited. Discharging or tampering with safety equipment will result in a fine. All students are expected to evacuate facilities during emergency alarms and comply with the requests of university personnel. Students will be fined for non-compliance and may be evicted from campus housing for interfering with safety and security procedures.
22. University rooms and public areas are not to be used as a location for the operation of any business or enterprise; the sale of any services or products. Residents may not use university housing facilities for a commercial purpose or solicit within the buildings. Violations are reported to the Dean of Students office.
23. Students may not work on or wash motorized vehicles on the premises.
24. Residence halls are closed over Winter Break and Spring Break. Students may stay with special permission from the Housing office. A nightly fee will be charged to the student account for break housing, unless the student’s permanent address is 250 miles or further from campus.
25. Additional policies available at

Housing Questionnaire

Students must be 17+ in order to live on campus.


Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Living Communities (TLCs) provide an easier way for students to transition academically and socially into the Drury’s campus. You can apply for LLCs and TLCs at

Co-Ed Policy

Drury University residence halls are all co-ed facilities; however, male and female students will NOT share suites or bathrooms except for students who select gender-inclusive housing.

Personal Data

In order to assist us in selecting the best roommate match possible, the student (and no other persons) should complete this form as honestly and forthrightly as possible. When making residence hall, room and roommate assignments, the university does not discriminate based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, or culture.

We have a new Roommate Matching program where you can find other students who are looking for roommates. Please check here if you are interested in participating in this program. By checking this box, you agree for the information below to be shared as well as your student phone number and your Drury Email. Entering this program does not guarantee your roommate preference will be honored as it depends on availability of assignments.

Tobacco Use

(Please note Drury is tobacco- and vape-free.)

More Information

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Housing assignments will be distributed in early June. If you submitted this contract after assignments have been made, please wait 3-5 business days to receive contact from Drury Housing. Any questions can be directed to