About the CCPS Health Services Management Major

The Health Services Management major is a degree completion program for registered nurses, radiological technologists, respiratory therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, emergency medical services personnel and other health related professionals. This degree is particularly appropriate for those who want the leadership, supervisory, administrative skills and degree required for upward mobility within organizations. These individuals already have the appropriate academic preparation and licensures, the necessary clinical skills, and the proper in-service training in a health-related discipline.

The health science major requires 3 of coursework in the following distribution in addition to a transfer program of at least 30 hours:

LDST 101: Foundations of Leadership
LDST 250: Financial Basics for Leaders
LDST 300: Theories and Models of Leadership
LDST 310: Contemporary Workforce Issues
LDST 331: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
EXSP 345: Wellness and Health Promotion
PSYC 310: The Biology of Behavior
PSYC 330: Family and Domestic Violence
SOCI 327: Social Gerontology
SOCI 347: Medical Sociology
GLST 493: Ethical Issues in a Global Society

Transfer Program minimum 30 hours

Drury awards semester hours credit for satisfactory completion of an approved health-related program.

General Education Courses

Students must take the following courses as part of general education requirements:

COMM 220: Business Communication and Writing
COMM 332: Intercultural Communication
ENGL 207: Expository Writing
MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra
MATH 227: Introduction to Statistics
PHIL 201: Introduction to Philosophy
PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the US
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 230: Life Span Development
SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology

Choose one of the following:

GSTU 101: Introduction to Computers and Software
GSTU 210: Desktop Applications for PCs
GSTU 211: Desktop Applications for Macs