The Hammons School of Architecture is a 5‐year Master of Architecture program set in the Liberal Arts of Drury University. The core curriculum is focused on engaged learning and encourages learning through community service. The School of Architecture has a Design-Build Program that takes a Whole-School approach and welcomes students from all majors to participate from conceptual design to construction.

Professor Traci Sooter has led the Design-Build efforts for Drury University since the fall of 2000. Professor Nancy Chikaraishi along with many professors from a variety of disciplines have joined the design-build team and enriched the projects. To date seventeen projects for charities or communities in need have been completed including the first LEED Platinum home for Habitat for Humanity International, four projects for the ABC television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and a competition home in the US Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon.

Most recent Design-Build projects are the Volunteer Tribute, Butterfly Garden & Overlook and our US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition home, ShelteR³: Respond, Recover, Resist

In an effort to rebuild Joplin, MO after the devastating EF5 tornado in 2011, Drury Design-Build created the Volunteer Tribute in Cunningham Park as part of the “Seven Houses in Seven Days” episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The team consisted of five Professors along with 35, third year architecture students, over 370 Drury volunteers from across campus and the first Drury SmartMob! of 120 students, staff and faculty.

The 26,000 sq.ft. Butterfly Garden & Overlook, an Open Space, Sacred Place healing garden, conceptually pencils in at full scale three homes erased by the storm. The space includes a large, 38 segment water wall representing the minutes the storm was on the ground. At minute seven, when the storm hit the hospital and the park, a void appears. This void becomes a broken water feature in a sacred space along the path and a healed water feature in a second sacred space, both inscribed with quotes from survivors. Many other symbolic features help survivors move forward, but 
not forget.

After witnessing the devastation in Joplin, the Crowder-Drury Solar Decathlon team chose to design a home that would resist the wind loads and impact of projectiles during a tornadic event. ShelteR³ is designed to ship out post disaster as a response command center or relief housing, expand intopermanent housing as the community recovers and resist the next storm.

Design/Build Projects

  • US Department of Energy: Solar Decathlon 2015 - “Shelter³”, with Crowder College
    Co- Lead PI and Drury Project Director, October 2015
    One of twenty finalist in this international solar house competition
    100+ student team, 22 majors
  • Landscapes of Resilience - “Butterfly Garden & Overlook”
    TKF Foundation grant with Cornell University, U.S.  Forest Service, Forest ReLeaf of MO, Joplin Parks & Recreation, N. Chikaraishi, K. Hedges, N. Wlodarczyk, J. Silva Brown, J. You (in process) – Joplin, MO, December 2013, Grand opening May 22, 2014
  • Monarch Eco House
    GreenTown Joplin, City of Joplin with N. Chikaraishi (in funding phase)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition- “Volunteer Tribute”
    Cunningham Park, Joplin, MO, with N. Chikaraishi, Louderbach, K. Hedges, October 2011
  • C-Street Farmers Market Co-Op Booth
    Commercial Street, Springfield, MO, June 2011
  • Art Port
    Art Gallery- Springfield Arts Council, Springfield/Branson National Airport, December 2009
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Hampton family “Eggstreme Chicken Coop”
    Ash Grove, MO, July 2009
  • Drury/Habitat for Humanity LEED Platinum home
    Springfield, MO, May 2008
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Collins Family 4-H Barn
    Murfreesboro, AR
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition –the “Barnabunk”
    Camp Barnabas Bunkhouse interior, August 2005
  • Commercial Street Farmers Market Pavilion
    Springfield, MO, May 2005
  • Regional Girls Shelter Workshop
    Springfield, MO
  • Homestead Mobile Home Park Bus Stop 1 & 2
    Ozark, MO, December 2001
  • Ozark Technical Community College Kiosk
    Springfield, MO, December 2001
  • Campfire Boys & Girls Pavilion
    Brighton, MO, December 2000
  • Precedent Wall Sections
    Drury University Campus, Springfield, MO with Prof. J. Erdman - lead