Nick Inman

Portrait of Becca Vogt.Nick Inman
Associate Director of Admission Data Analytics
Call or Text: (417) 873-6840

Bachelor of Science in Mass Media, Missouri State University, 2018

Job description
I handle all data and communications to aid in student recruitment.

Favorite thing about Drury
As soon as I stepped on campus I felt part of a bigger family. Drury is incredibly welcoming and everyone here is on the same team.

Favorite Springfield restaurant

Favorite event both on campus and in Springfield
On campus has to be Panther Palooza. It is the kick-off for the start of the school year. In Springfield, it has to be Fourth of July Springfield Cardinals Game!

Hobby (what you like to do)
Watching movies and playing Nintendo with my wife!

Fun fact
I have been to West Africa to record two ministry films in a new language each.

Most interesting item in your office
My Goofy hat that I got from my honeymoon in Disney World.