Lindsey Owensby

Lindsey Owensby
Slate CRM Administrator
Office: (417) 873-6908

Colleges Attended & Degrees Earned:
Associate of Arts – 19″ Ozarks Technical Community College

Bachelor of Science History – 21′ Drury University

Job Description:

I manage our comm flow and CRM system for admissions.

Favorite thing about Drury:

The people! Everyone here is so friendly and willing to lend a hand.

Favorite Springfield restaurant:

Bambino’s or Pappos

Favorite event both on campus and in Springfield

On campus: #DRURYBOUND it’s a fun event for incoming accepted students to come meet their classmates and have a day of fun at Drury. In Springfield I love going to painting with a twist! Even if you are not a great painter like me, you will leave with a masterpiece(ish)!

Hobby (what you like to do)
I love to hike, binge watch friends, cuddle with my dog, but most importantly I love spending time with my family.

Fun fact:
I can recite almost every episode of friends.

Most interesting item in your office:
I have 7 maps in my office all from different periods in time.