Theatre Major

Programs in theatre support the liberal arts mission of Drury University by offering:

  1. Basic courses designed to develop appreciation and lead to increased understanding of theatre arts and their contribution to the cultural life,
  2. Courses that lead to a major or minor in theatre and provide opportunities for students from the general campus population to fulfill graduation requirements,
  3. Programs that prepare students for professional careers, graduate study or teaching,
  4. Curricular and co-curricular productions integrated with the course offerings to provide majors with creative laboratory experiences, all Drury students with participation opportunities, and the entire Drury community with opportunities to experience a wide variety of theatrical productions.

Theatre students are expected to pursue individual educational goals within the context of a broad liberal arts education. The department of theatre offers a major in theatre leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Within the general theatre major, students have options for selecting specific emphases in the field. 

Students planning secondary teaching careers may pursue a major program leading to certification; this option may be combined with the pursuit of an additional teaching area.

The theatre major requires a minimum of 43 credit hours.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Major Requirements
THTR 140: Acting I
THTR 200, 201 Theatre Practicum
THTR 265: Stagecraft
THTR 282: Acting II
THTR 320: Play Direction
THTR 493: Senior Capstone Project

Choose one course from the following:
THTR 177: Modern Dance
THTR 271 Ballet I
THTR 276: Tap I
THTR 288: Jazz Dance

Choose two courses from the following:
THTR 361: Costume Design
THTR 365: Scene Design
THTR 366: Stage Lighting
THTR 367: Sound Design

Choose three from the following:
THTR 340: History of Theatre I
THTR 341: History of Theatre II
THTR 343: History of Theatre III
THTR 349: History of American Musical Theatre

Choose one of the following elective courses:
THTR 270: Stage Management
THTR 354: Writing for Stage and Screen
THTR 361: Costume Design
THTR 365: Scene Design
THTR 366: Stage Lighting
THTR 367: Sound Design
THTR 481: Acting III

All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

All theatre majors, minors, and those students on a theatre grant are required to enroll in Theatre Practicum 200 (fall) and 201 (spring) for every semester in residence. Theatre Practicum counts toward an Engaged Learning requirement.