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Drury University and the University of Ljubljana have established a semester or year-long exchange program for graduate or undergraduate students. A three-week summer term program is also available. Drury students attending the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics (FELU), (what Americans would call the School of Business) remain Drury students while abroad. They are registered at Drury and will pay their fees to Drury. Most scholarships and financial aid remain in place; exceptions are activity grants, work study, and the room & board portion of Trustee Scholarship.

Program requirements: This program is available for 2 junior Drury students each year. A non-refundable $400 deposit that is applied to your program costs is required the year before participation to guarantee your place in the program. Application deadline: October 15 of the year prior to participation in program. All participants will be expected to attend mandatory orientation sessions the semester before travel.

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The Campus:

The FELU has a long tradition in research and education as it was founded in 1946. Today, it is the largest faculty of the University of Ljubljana with almost 10,000 full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students and occupies part of a spacious campus close to the city centre. Development and modernization of teaching and research work have been priorities at the FELU from its very beginning. The FELU operates in line with five basic strategic guidelines: 1. Internationalization; 2. Links with the corporate world; 3. Assurance of high quality standards; 4. Market Orientation; and 5. Excellence in organization. The FELU has become strongly competitive and among the best schools in Europe.

In line with school reorganization and modernization, the FELU was awarded with EQUIS accreditation in 2006 which is the leading international system of quality assessment, improvement, and accreditation of higher education institutions in management and business administration. At present and in the future, the Faculty is endeavoring to become even more internationally known for its quality and achievements in education and research.


Drury University Semester Tuition:   $11,375
Room & Board:   variable depending upon accommodation choice
Administrative Fee:   $315
Technology Fee   $250
Residence permit:   approximately $100
Passport:   $135
Passport Photos:   $12
International Student Identification Card:   $28
Round-trip Airfare:   $1,200- $1,800
Approximate Personal Expenses:   $3,500

*All Drury scholarships and financial aid are available to the student, except for some activity grants, room and board for Trustee Scholarship recipients, work study, and the residential scholarship.


The International Relations Office at the FELU will assist you with a list of real-estate agencies to help you to find accommodation in Ljubljana. We strongly recommend that you book some temporary accommodation for the first week of your stay in Ljubljana and then look for private accommodation once you are there. Temporary accommodation can be found at some hostels and budget hotels. Students, studying for longer than 3 months, will need to apply for a Residential Permit through the U.S. Embassy after arriving.


Students are advised to apply for the year long or spring-only semester program during their freshman year since participation is limited to four students for a semester or two students for the academic year. This exchange can constitute an exchange between both undergraduate and graduate students. GPA requirement is 3.0. The grades that a student earns at FELU will count toward their GPA at Drury. All courses are taught in English. The University of Ljubljana is an excellent location for business majors to fulfill their study abroad requirement.

Contact information:

Tom Russo
Director, Study Abroad Programs

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