Political Science

About Political Science

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The study of politics dates at least back to the Ancient Greeks, and is essential to the goals of a liberal arts education. The questions asked (How should societies balance the objectives of order, liberty and equality? How should governments be organized to best pursue society’s values?), and the skills developed (critical thinking, written and oral communication, information literacy) in political science place it at the heart of Drury’s mission.

A degree in political science leads to challenging and rewarding careers. More and more, employers prioritize their search for people who can adapt and solve problems, have a deep understanding of national and international political systems, be able to understand and use quantitative data, and think critically and creatively. Political science majors develop all of these skills. Classes in political science stress the development and exercise of exactly these kinds of skills--critical thinking, writing, oral communication, and the use of quantitative methods.

Drury political science graduates attend law school, graduate school, and work in both the public and private sectors, including (but not limited to) law, journalism, academia, government, secondary education, non-profits, administration, human resources, diplomacy, and business.

Contact: Dr. Jeff VanDenBerg Professor of Political Science Department Chair of Political Science BUR 302 Office: (417) 873-6947 jvandenb@drury.edu