List of Honors-Qualified Courses

Students may select from the following Honors-qualified courses to apply toward their honors degree:

ACCT 310: Tax Service I
ACCT 410: Tax Service II

Arts Administration
AADM 465: Cultural Policy
AADM 496: Honors Research

ARCH 356: History of Modern Architecture

Art History
ARTH 350: Modern Art
ARTH 360: History of Photography
ARTH 362: History of Museums & Collecting
ARTH 410: Medieval Architect: Practice & Product

ARTZ 364: Commercial Photography

BIOL 200: Ecology
BIOL 306: Medical Botany
BIOL 310: Field & Systematic Biology
BIOL 312: Advanced Ecology
BIOL 322: Advanced Genetics
BIOL 323: Functional Neuroscience
BIOL 324: Cellular & Molecular Biology
BIOL 327: Psychopharmacology
BIOL 330: Field Study in Marine Biology
BIOL 334: Developmental Biology
BIOL 341: Limnology
BIOL 352: Junior Seminar II
BIOL 373: Herpetology
BIOL 484: Senior Seminar I: Research

Behavioral Science
BSCI 361: Advanced Behavioral Research II
BSCI 380: Honors Internship
BSCI 493: Senior Seminar

CHEM 414: Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 414L: Medicinal Chemistry Lab
CHEM 436: Advanced Biochemistry
CHEM 436L: Advanced Biochemistry Lab

Core Courses
CORE 101: Drury Seminar- Honors
CORE 201: Global Foundations-Honors

Computer Science
CSCI 395: Applied Projects
CSCI 475: Game Development Practicum I
CSCI 476: Game Development Practicum II
CSCI 495: Research and Development I
CSCI 496: Research and Development II

ECON 335: Poverty and Discrimination
ECON 375: Econometrics
ECON 435: Public Finance

ENGL 212: Comparative Mythology
ENGL 303: Single Authors
ENGL 311: Studies in Contemporary Literature
ENGL 342: Shakespeare and Ethics
ENGL 344: World Literature
ENGL 355: Small Press Publishing

FREN 302: French Culture & Civilization
FREN 351: French Literature I
FREN 352: French Literature II
FREN 493/4: Senior Seminar

HIST 342: History of European Witch Hunts
HIST 380: Hitler and Stalin

Graduate Level Architecture
MARC 521: Thesis Design Studio
MARC 539: Structures II
MARC 557: Thesis Seminar Research

MGMT 340: Project Management

MKTG 348: Marketing Research

MATH 493: Senior Seminar

Music Therapy
MTHP 380: Internship
MTHP 430: Behavior Measurement and Research
MTHP 475: Capstone

MTHP 480: Internship Experience

Professional Development
PDEV 271: Summit Park
PDEV 272: Summit Park
PDEV 283: Leadership and the Community
PDEV 284: Leadership and the World

PHIL 200: Classical Problems in Philosophy
PHIL 216: What is Knowledge?
PHIL 316: Ethics-Honors

PHIL 495/6: Honors Research

PHYS 401: Mechanics II
PHYS 412: Electricity & Magnetism II
PHYS 442: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Political Science
PLSC 332: Political Parties, Elections, and Interest Groups
PLSC 335: The Supreme Court and Constitutional Law
PLSC 494: Senior Seminar

PSYC 348: Psychoneuroimmunology

RELG 325: Living with Joy at Life's End
RELG 495/6: Honors Research

SPAN 311: Literature of Spanish America
SPAN 312: Literature of Spain
SPAN 313: These are Not Sweet Girls: Hispanic Women's Literature
SPAN 412: Advanced Studies: Hispanic Literature
SPAN 414: From Magical Realism to Virtual Realism
SPAN 489: Advanced Seminar in Hispanic Cultural Studies

THTR 340: History of Theatre: Origins to Renaissance
THTR 341: History of Theatre: Renaissance to Romanticism
THTR 343: History of Theatre: Realism to Contemporary