English Major

The English major requires a minimum of 30 credit hours, and is designed to be foundational and flexible. All students take three courses in common and then choose courses that suit their interests and future plans.

The three foundational courses serve several purposes. They lead students through stages of development in English studies: as freshmen or sophomores, students take ENGL 200, where they develop close reading abilities; as sophomores or juniors, students take ENGL 301, where they encounter theory; and as seniors, they take ENGL 493, where they do independent research. Moreover, the courses provide the department with a strong sense of community, giving students at all levels a shared classroom experience.

Foundational Courses (9 hrs)
ENGL 200: Literature Matters (offered each Spring)
ENGL 301: Theory and Practice (offered each Fall)
ENGL 493: Senior Seminar (offered each Spring)

Survey Courses (6 hrs)
Choose at least two of the following courses:
ENGL 201: British Literature I: Medieval through Eighteenth Century
ENGL 202: British Literature II: Nineteenth Century through the Present
ENGL 203: American Literature I: 1620-1865
ENGL 204: American Literature II: 1865-1980

Advanced Literature Courses (6 hrs)
Choose two 300- or 400-level literature courses, one of which must be Pre-1800.
ENGL 302: Women Writers
ENGL 307: Studies in Nineteenth through Twentieth Century Literature
ENGL 311: Studies in Contemporary Literature
ENGL 317: African-American Literature
ENGL 330: Dangerous Liaisons: French Literature in Translation
ENGL 344: Studies in World Literature
ENGL 345: Literature and Ethics
ENGL 375: Land and Literature
ENGL 381: Southern Literature
ENGL 390: Selected Topics in Literature

Pre-1800 courses include:
ENGL 305: Studies in Ancient through Medieval Literature
ENGL 306: Studies in Sixteenth through Eighteenth Century Literature
ENGL 342: Shakespeare and Ethics
ENGL 303: Single Author (in some instances)

Writing and Linguistic Courses (3 hrs)
Choose one writing or linguistic course from the following:
ENGL 207: Expository Writing: Art of the Essay
ENGL 253: Grammar and Style
ENGL 266: Creative Writing I - Fiction
ENGL 267: Creative Writing I - Poetry
ENGL 268: Creative Writing I - Nonfiction
ENGL 353: Nature of the English Language
ENGL 366: Creative Writing II - Fiction
ENGL 367: Creative Writing II - Poetry
ENGL 368: Creative Writing II - Nonfiction
ENGL 455: Advanced Writing Workshop
THTR 354: Writing for Stage and Screen

Electives (6 hrs)
Choose two English courses listed in the catalog.