Required Forms for New Students

Drury University requires every student to complete and submit five forms which must be received prior to the beginning of your first semester. Any student who does not submit one or more of these forms will have a ‘hold’ placed on their student account. The first three forms may be found online – the final two must be printed, completed and submitted to the Dean of Students – this address is listed at the bottom of this page.

1. Student Consent for Information Release (FERPA) (Online only)

With the completion of this form, students who are 18 years of age and older give Drury University the authority to release (or not release) their personal, academic and/or financial information to any person of their choosing. Without authorization, Drury faculty and staff are not allowed, by federal law, to release any information about our students to any person not approved by the student.

    1. This form should be completed online through your MyDrury account, using your Drury username and password (which is the same as your Drury email username and password)

    2. MyDrury accounts may be accessed from the Drury University homepage at and clicking on the MyDrury icon on the top of the page; To find the required forms, click the ‘Student’ tab on the top of the page; On the left sidebar, click ‘Student Forms’; Complete and submit this form, as well as the following four forms (details about these forms are listed below).

2. Student Insurance Coverage (Online only)

    1. All domestic full-time day school students are required to show proof of insurance by the first day of classes, or may incur a hold on their student account.

    2. International students who will be covered under their own insurance during the academic year must submit a petition and a copy of their insurance benefits translated into English. The benefits page will be reviewed by the insurance committee for approval or denial. Students must petition to use their own insurance no later than August 1 if entering in the fall semester or January 1 if entering in the spring semester. Access and submit the insurance waiver petition form.

    3. International students not covered under their own insurance are required by the Drury campus to be covered for accident, illness, repatriation, and evacuation. Drury offers its international students an excellent policy provided by Seven Corners Insurance: $250,000 coverage PER accident and/or illness, $25,000 repatriation coverage, and $25,000 evacuation coverage. Students pay a fee each semester for this coverage. To learn more about the benefits, please go to view the Drury International Benefit Guide.

3. Emergency Contact Information (Online only)

Please provide a minimum of one person to contact in the event of an emergency. Information will be kept confidential and maintained through the Dean of Students Office.

4. Student Health Form and Vaccination Report – (Hard copy only)

Please click on the following links, print forms, complete and submit to the address listed at the bottom of each page.

5. Housing Contract or Request to Exempt from the Housing Policy Form – (Hard copy only)

Please print the form which applies to you, complete and submit to the address listed at the bottom of this page. All full-time Drury undergraduates are required to live on campus until the age of 21. If you are planning to live on campus, you must complete a Housing Contract for the appropriate academic year. Students who wish to live off campus must meet the university housing exemption criteria and request approval. Refer to the Housing Exemption Form of the appropriate academic year to see if you qualify to live off campus.

Housing Contract for 2014-2015 (PDF)

Housing Contract for 2015-2016 (PDF)

Request for Exemption to the University Housing Policy (PDF)

Please submit your Student Health Form and Housing Contract or Exemption Form to the following address:

Drury University
Attn: Dean of Students Office
900 N. Benton Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

Questions about any of these forms may be directed to Tammy Nilsen, Executive Assistant to the Vice-President of Student Affairs at or (417) 873-7215.