Todd Lowery Featured In Exhibition Artists in Athens City of Crisis In Greece

Todd Lowery, Professor of Art & Art History, was honored to be invited to speak at the opening of the Cacoyannis Foundation on October 5 in Athens, Greece. His work was highlighted by the curatorial duo Heinrich Legewie and Georg Eichinger in Artists in Athens, City of CrisisThe exhibition featured work made in or concentrated around the city of Athens. Todd was honored to have been the only American included. 

Drury has helped to shape Todd’s strong links with the country. “My connection to Greece is closely tied with my teaching. We have a campus in Greece,” he explained.

Todd’s paintings and a photographic print featured, depicts his admiration and relationship with the country as he witnessed it through times of crisis. “Athens is contradictory, complex, dynamic, messy and proud, with frenetic energy and deep history,” said Todd. “Through my work, I try to understand and connect to it.”

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