Your Student Government Representatives

The Executive Council coordinates and distributes the necessary tasks within the Student Government Association. The Executive Council is responsible for adherence to the SGA constitution by the Student Government Association. They represent the Student Government Association to the administration and are the directing board of SGA general assembly meetings. Each EC member has his or her own respective role and tasks, which enable specific focus to be placed upon the most important aspects of Student Government.

Senators make up the largest part of the Student Government Association. They serve on several standing committees and are responsible for creating legislation and resolutions on the floor of the General Assembly. Senators are expected to represent the needs of the entire student body, but are represented and elected based on their academic classes (First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).

Executive Council Members

President: Nick Rauscher, Senior

VP of Student Life: Haley Mueller, Senior

VP of Institutional Affairs: Kate Hall, Sophomore

VP of Finance: Mitchell Greer, Senior

VP of Communications & Public Relations: Alan Hammer, Junior

Senators (by Class)

First-Year Interns

(6 vacancies)

Sophomore Senators

Emilee Harless
Angelo Leiva
Thomas O'Brien
Colton Vander Laan

(2 vacancies)

Junior Senators

Ali Altahafi
Emily Little
John Schupbach
Joe Williams

(2 vacancies)

Senior Senators

Armaan Ahmed
Paul Parrish

(4 vacancies)