Student Conference Presentations

Under the guidance of Professors Elizabeth Paddock and Ted Vaggalis, four political science students recently presented their original research at the Midwest Political Science Undergraduate Research Conference at Wartburg College in Iowa. For senior Max Accardi, “discussing the strengths and weaknesses of my work with political science professionals and presenting the importance and relevance of my research gave me a much better understanding of the discipline.” Another senior, Katilyn Box, emphasized the importance of this opportunity for her career goals: "I plan to attend law school and I think this experience speaking and networking in a professional setting will serve me very well as I continue my education."

According to Dr. Vaggalis, who traveled with the group and was chair for two conference panels, "All of our students did an excellent job of presenting their papers and generating discussion in their sessions. They were composed and their presentations were clearly stated. I am so proud of how they did. A particular highlight of the conference was the dinner, where we got to meet and talk with Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee and the ranking Republican of that committee."

MPSURC students and papers:

Max Accardi: “The Failure of Self-Identification: Reconsidering the Liberal-Conservative Perspective”
Kaitlyn Box: “Effects of European Union Membership on Gender Equality”
Jasmine Chuah: “Food Safety Regulation: The Italian Way”
Emily Murray: “Calling for a Sustainable Future: The Effects of Animal Agriculture on the Environment