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How do societies balance the objectives of order, freedom and equality? What are the causes of conflict in today's world and how are these conflicts resolved? How are scarce resources allocated? What is power and how is it used inside countries and internationally?

These are just some of the important and challenging questions addressed by the field of political science. Like other social science disciplines, political science focuses on decision-making, using tools ranging from quantitative analysis to political philosophy to investigate how and why collective decisions are made. Students in political science engage with complex topics such as law, diplomacy, elections, race, human rights, war, values, identity, security, justice, economy, the environment, gender, and political behavior.

A degree in political science leads to a wide range of rewarding careers. Employers value people who can adapt and solve problems, who have excellent written and oral communication skills, who are able to understand and use quantitative data, and who can think critically and creatively. Classes in political science stress the development and exercise of exactly these kinds of skills.

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Program Spotlight: Pre-Law

MU Law SchoolOver 90% of Drury students who complete the Pre-Law Program and take the LSAT are accepted to law school. Our outstanding Pre-Law Program includes an Honors Admission partnership with the University of Missouri School of Law.

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Meador Center for Politics & Citizenship

Meador Center for Politics and CitizenshipOur department is home to the Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship.  The Meador Center supports public lectures and civic programming that enrich the local community and provide a lively and intellectually stimulating campus environment.

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Political Science Graduates

Law schools attended by political science graduates Drury Political Science graduates attend the best law schools and graduate programs in the country. Our graduates work in both the public and private sectors, including in law, international organizations, media, academia, government, secondary education, non-profits, administration, human resources, diplomacy, and business.