Drury University announces outstanding performance of students in 2023 CyberForce Competition®

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Drury’s Cyber Defense Club

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., November 7, 2023 – For the first time, Drury University sent students to the 2023 CyberForce Competition® held on November 4. Organized by the U.S. Department of Energy and hosted by DOE’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response, the competition was led by DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory.

In this prestigious event, Drury fielded two teams, showcasing their expertise in cybersecurity. The university’s top team secured an impressive 36th position in the nation, demonstrating their exceptional skills in tackling digital threats. The second team performed commendably as well, securing the 42nd spot. Notably, this marked the university’s first attempt in this particular competition, making their achievements even more remarkable.

The competition aims to enhance cyber operational technology education, increase awareness of the connection between critical infrastructure and cybersecurity and provide real-world, scenario-based learning experiences. The CyberForce Competition is not only an opportunity to sharpen skills but a call to action in the face of a growing need for cybersecurity professionals in the energy workforce.

“It was our first attempt at this particular competition, so I’m very pleased with how they did,” said Dr. Shannon McMurtrey, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and campus advisor for Drury’s Cyber Defense Club. “With increasing threats in the digital world, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. At Drury, we recognize the importance of inspiring and educating a new generation of cybersecurity experts.”

All Drury students are welcome to join the Drury Cyber Defense Club. The organization is a fun way for students to learn how to work as a team in high pressure situation and exercise marketable skills that will bring them success and a diversity of knowledge in their future careers.


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