A letter from Drury University President J. Timothy Cloyd

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As many higher education institutions in our area and around the country are experiencing post-pandemic fallout, Drury University is not immune. In an abundance of caution, we are reevaluating the use of our resources and identifying ways in which we can be more efficient.

Leading up to the next budget year (starting in June) and continuing through May 2024, we are pinpointing cost saving measures that will equal about $4 million. This will include a combination of budget reductions, attrition, vacancies and, as of now, the elimination of less than ten positions. We must do this to stay in a strong position and continue to meet the needs of our students.

We are working closely with board officers and have been very transparent with our faculty and staff throughout this process.

With that being said, Drury continues to have strong donor support, endowment, record first-year enrollment for fall 2022 and record applications for next year which means enrollment will be more competitive.



Dr. J. Timothy Cloyd

Drury University President