Guide to Services

The Office of Marketing & Communications leads marketing and communications for Drury University, working in close partnership with offices, departments and individuals on campus. Our services include writing, editing, graphic design and project management. M&C is responsible for publishing usage guidelines for and approving any use of the Drury University logo, including licensing.

Why You Should Work With M&C

We strive for a consistent and professional appearance, style and underlying themes in all communications from the university. Every communication represents Drury, from department brochures and prospective student postcards to athletic brochures, the Drury website and Drury Magazine. When those representations reinforce each other, they strengthen each other. When they are different, they compete for the recipient's attention and weaken Drury's reputation, recognition and prestige. 

How We Work With You

Our services are provided at no charge to the Drury community. In general, production costs (photography, printing, mailing, purchase of air time, etc.) are borne by the campus client, not the Office of Marketing & Communications.

At times, high workload or the need for specialized skills (for example, video production) will require us to bring in a freelancer to assist with a project. The cost of those outside services will generally be borne by the campus client.

The best way to ensure a smooth project is to plan ahead. Consult this guide to learn how long writing, editing, design and production take. If you can initiate a project even further in advance, it will help more, especially when our services are in high demand.

If you have questions, please call the Office of Marketing & Communications at 873-7228 or e-mail

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Graphics & Logos

The Logo Page has graphics ready to download. Please read the guidelines for use before using a graphic, and follow the guidelines.

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