Master of Business Administration

Drury's completely redesigned MBA Ventures program starts fall 2020

Introducing MBA Ventures, Drury’s new take on the MBA. As the modern business environment continues to require adaptability and data-driven insights, Drury’s new approach to the MBA will prepare leaders for this dynamic and ever-changing world. In the first year of the program, students will focus on establishing business leadership skills and move on to practical application of those skills during the second year. Taken with a cohort of fellow MBA students, individuals will practice new leadership skills, including how to gather resources and generate team buy-in.

With an MBA from Drury, leaders will “Venture Farther.”

Our second MBA Ventures cohort launches Fall 2021. Apply for your spot in the next cohort today! 

What makes Drury's MBA different?

  • Curriculum: Drury’s MBA not only improves your technical skills in business, but also hones the soft skills needed to be an effective leader in business ventures. You will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test through case studies and projects for local and global organizations.
  • Cohort: Drury’s MBA Program capitalizes on classroom interactions and networking. Classes are taken with the same cohort of fellow students—peers who are leading organizations in a variety of industries.
  • Convenience: Students can benefit from cohort engagement in Drury’s small, interactive classes online via synchronous classes. Those students that prefer a traditional, seated classroom experience have the option to attend classes at our Springfield campus, where they will engage with both seated and synchronous members of their cohort and Drury’s outstanding faculty.

  • Comprehensive: An immersive experience helps you flex your problem solving skills by applying what you have learned in the first year to application-based projects in a global context throughout your second year in the program.

  • Capstone
    As the program progresses, students will divide into Venture Teams. These teams will plan, organize, and implement the program’s culminating experience: a weekend-long Venturing Conference that will include guest speakers, networking events, and Venture Team case presentations.

Drury's MBAV program provides an understanding of the self and others, knowledge of how to use data and information, expanded global insights, a solid understanding of funding and sustaining performance, and a conference.

Due to COVID-19 health concerns and travel restrictions, the international travel experience is temporarily suspended. The travel fee will not be assessed for students starting the program in Fall 2020. 

All-inclusive costs for tuition, textbooks, and fees for 2020-2021 are approximately $24,000. 

MBA Student Profile: Dr. Laura Waters

Mercy Health pediatrician Dr. Laura Waters wanted to learn more about the business side of patient care. So she did what any smart physician or healthcare professional would do and went back to school, this time for her MBA. But she didn’t choose just any MBA program. She chose Drury University’s because she knew she would get the small class sizes and individual attention she desired.