Summerscape and Drury Leadership Academy Costs & Scholarships

Tuition & Fees

The cost for each Summerscape/DLA class is $195. Total class and residential cost is $885. A minimum of $570 must be sent with residential application. If not living on campus, entire class cost is due when enrolling. Classes with additional fees for materials or field trips are noted on the course selection form. This additional fee will be collected when the student is notified of placement in the class. Total class cost (or scholarship application) must accompany application.

There is a withdrawal fee of $30. Refunds must be requested in writing. No refunds within two weeks of start of camp. 


A limited number of financial need scholarships are available. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, you must enclose the following:

  1. Photocopies of the first two pages of the parents’ or guardians’ most recent federal income tax return AND any attachments of schedules if applicable;
  2. A letter explaining any extenuating circumstances pertinent to existing financial status, including what efforts have been made to obtain money locally;
  3. A $30 registration fee (refundable if no scholarship is awarded) is required to insure that registration for classes can be completed; AND
  4. A letter from the student outlining why he/she wants to attend the program.

Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of financial need. We encourage parents to contact local businesses, employers, schools, and civic organizations to help fund scholarships. Applications for scholarships must be received BEFORE April 15. All information is required. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

NOTE: If parents are not in the same household, please send copies of both income tax returns. 

Please Note:

  • Your application will not be considered for enrollment until the office has received your tuition check, money order, or scholarship application. APPLY EARLY! Many courses and dorm beds fill quickly.
  • Checks or money orders will not be cashed until the student has been accepted.
  • If your child has a specific physical or medical need or condition, please attach a separate letter to the director so that needed accommodations can be made.
  • If a student is operating with an IEP, a copy of the IEP should be attached.