About English for Academic Purposes

Average class size is less than 10 students!

Drury University has been ranked by the U.S. News & World Report in the top 15 Midwestern universities and in the top four Midwestern "Great Schools at Great Prices" since 1999. Few universities match the outstanding instruction, fine facilities, personal services and successful placement of graduates for such reasonable tuition and fees. No non-resident fees are required for international students to attend Drury University.

The Drury University English for Academic Purposes Program is a language program designed to provide an intensive learning experience for international students who are preparing to enter Drury University and need to bring their English skills to college-level fluency.

The Drury University EAP Program addresses the needs of international students working to improve their academic English proficiency in several ways:

  • Classes are tailored to fit a student's individual needs;
  • Students learn the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in the American educational system;
  • Faculty are committed to the success of every student;
  • Average class size is less than 10 students;
  • Classes are intensive and rigorous so that students can master English rapidly;
  • Full-time EAP students attend classes or tutorials 12 hours in one semester in addition to out-of class convocations, projects, events and activities;
  • Placement is determined through orientation testing and TOEFL scores; and
  • Students meet with trained English-language tutors throughout the semester.