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The Communication Department is the launch pad for a variety of careers and post-graduate opportunities. Our program exposes students to creative experiences in the classroom and beyond through internships, student-run media, and study-abroad opportunities. Students learn the foundational theories and concepts of communication and then apply those ideas in real-world contexts, through hands-on projects and connections with area businesses and organizations. Many of our courses connect students with clients to create work that exists long after the class is over.

With this foundation, our graduates have gone to work for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, news organizations, and advertising and public-relations agencies. Others continue their education in master’s programs and law schools around the globe. With a degree from Drury’s Communication Department, you will develop the breadth of skills to allow you to chart your own professional course.

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Dr. Jonathan Groves

Professor of Communication
Shewmaker 140
Office: (417) 873-7347

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