Community Standards Handbook

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At Drury University, our goal is to provide you with an educational college environment that encourages and supports the academic mission of the university. We are confident that the many individuals and experiences you encounter will make living in our campus community an exciting and enjoyable part of your college years.

College life comes with many benefits and freedoms. As with other liberties, these freedoms come with responsibilities. Drury University students, employees and citizens are responsible for respecting the rights of other individuals and the Drury community, to encourage practices that create and support a learning environment and to do their part to promote a safe and secure community.

We encourage you to become involved in your community. Drury University is committed to your involvement, with the knowledge that students who participate in positive activities will ultimately get more out of their collegiate experience. In doing so, you will contribute positively to the larger environment in which you live.

The students on campus represent a wide array of backgrounds, cultures, life-styles and attitudes. Campus life provides students a rich and unique opportunity to learn more about themselves and others. We invite you to seek out our professional staff members or experienced students to assist you in making your collegiate experience at Drury University a successful one. Our exceptional educational programs, community materials and safety procedures are directed and implemented by a talented group of student affairs professionals who are dedicated to student success.

The Community Standards Handbook has been created to enable you to get the most from your collegiate experience at Drury University. It contains policies that affect you as a member of the Drury community.

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