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Director's Welcome

Angie AdamickWelcome to all new and returning students!

I promise you will find the MBA program here at the Breech School of Business to be a very challenging, yet rewarding experience. The small class sizes will allow for personalized attention from our incredible professors. In each class, you will be able to build a network between your fellow students and professors that only Drury can offer.

Beyond the classroom, you can expect to embark on many other educational experiences and enjoy opportunities to expand your professional network through many of our different Breech MBA functions. As a new MBA student, you will have the opportunity to take part in our Mentorship Program with an opportunity to learn from many very distinguished members in our community that have a wide network, not only in the Drury community, but also in the business community.

We can't forget about the international travel! All 2nd year students and students on the 1 year track will be participating in a culminating international experience; this is an opportunity that every Breech MBA candidate cherishes long after they move on after the completion of the MBA.

I am excited to see each and every one of you on campus for the 2016-2017 school year and look forward to an amazing year!

Angie Adamick
Director MBA Program