Transfer Student Admission

A transfer student is defined as a student who has matriculated as a degree-seeking student at another institute of higher education and completed at least one class post high school or GED diploma.

Drury University has a rolling application, so that any student may apply at any time. In addition to the required application, with essay, transfer students are required to submit the following:

  1. Official college transcripts from every college previously or currently attending.
  2. A final official high school transcript or GED equivalent.
  3. ACT or SAT scores if the student has completed fewer than 30 hours of college credits at the time the application is submitted.
  4. Transfer Applicant Confidential Recommendation Form from the latest college attended or currently attending.
    If any student does not disclose another institution of higher education on their application for admission they can have admittance into Drury rescinded.

Transferable Credits

Credit completed at other regionally accredited institutions may be transferred if the student has a received a minimum of a C grade. Preliminary evaluations can be done if expressed by the student. An official Advanced Standing Report is completed for students who have declared they are attending Drury University by completing a tuition deposit with a housing form.

o be eligible for graduation, transfer students must complete their last 30 semester hours as a student of Drury University.
Transfer student who have completed their Associates of Arts (AA) degree are required to complete the following requirements:

  • CORE 104: Drury by Design (.5 hr.)
  • Ethical Analysis (3 hrs.)
  • Foreign Language 6 hrs. *If not already part of AA
  • Engaged Learning - 2 experiences

These students will enter with junior status.

All other transfer students are required to complete all requirements for the CORE curriculum with the possible exception of:

CORE 101: Drury Seminar to be taken as ENGL 150