About Chemistry & Physics

Students in the Department of Chemistry and Physics are expected to integrate practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as to reach a deeper understanding of how the practice of science impacts society. Throughout the curriculum students learn to work cooperatively in teams that are independent of gender, race, or creed, where they solve problems together and take this life skill into their future careers.

Chemistry & Physics Undergraduate Research

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Mid-Term Grades Due at 8 a.m. - B BlockApril 8, 2019 - All DayLast Day to Withdraw - Full Semester CoursesApril 12, 2019 - All DayAdvance Registration for Fall BeginsApril 17, 2019 - All DayDeadline to Apply for December Degree (Day School Only)April 17, 2019 - All DayGood Friday - University ClosedApril 19, 2019 - All Day