About Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation includes several areas that are available to the full-time day students as well as the Drury staff and faculty. Two areas under the umbrella of Campus Recreation are the Intramural program and D. Cycle/Gear Closet. Campus Recreation also manages the Barber Fitness Center. Included in the offerings of the Barber Fitness Center are fitness classes which again, are available to the aforementioned full-time day students and Drury staff/faculty.

More than 50% of Drury students participate in the collective Campus Recreation activities and programs. Campus Recreation strives to follow the same mission statement as does the Student Activities Office (student organizations, club sports, etc.) by creating a fun, safe experience for all students interested in active extra-curricular involvement.

By providing students with high-quality, safe, and fun extra-curricular activities, Campus Recreation encourages students to achieve the Drury Mission. Through positive student, campus, and community involvement activities, students at Drury ultimately achieve and enhanced collegiate experience, and in doing so contribute as active participants in improving the global community.

For more information about the intramural program, please visit the Campus Recreation office in the Findlay Student Center (FSC) room 122. For additional information about the Barber Fitness Center and/or D. Cycle/Gear Closet: Call (417) 873 7222.

Dan Cashel
Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement/Student Affairs & Athletic Event Coordinator
Office: (417) 873-7222