Student Event Registration

Welcome to the Student Event Calendar and Registration Form. Before you enter an event on the form, please be sure you first check the calendar to ensure there are not any student events already scheduled on the day and time you desire. If your day and time is available, please enter your event into the form, located below the calendar on this page.

All events entered must be approved. Once approved, the Student Life Office will add your event on D.Cal, the Fanthers app, and we will create a slide promoting your event for DormTV (optional). It is the responsibility of your office or student organization to send emails to students to promote your event.

Have questions? Please contact Granvill Adkins at or (417) 873-3061.


Complete the form below to submit your event to the Director of Student Life for consideration

If the event is "All Day", please enter 12:00 AM in both boxes below.


Please indicate if you would like the Student Life Office to create a slide for your event to be viewed on DormTV (the screen in the Commons as well as in the lobby of all residence halls). If your office or student group would like to create your own slide, please send it to

Table toppers require a 4”x9” piece of paper. You can fit 2 of those on a standard 8.5”x11” piece of paper. There are 66 tabletoppers across campus.