The English and Writing Program

Drury offers degrees in English and Writing. Students who major in these areas will find innovative and forward-thinking curricula that will give them the skills they need for personal and professional success. Graduates work in a variety of fields and attend graduate and professional programs in English, Law, Library Science, Business and other fields.

The English degree focuses on the development of English and American literature, with an emphasis on literary analysis, cultural studies, and literary theory. The program offers the traditional surveys of American and English literature alongside courses in film studies, contemporary literature, Women's literature, and African American literature. Students gain skills in literary analysis, critical thinking, and writing and explore some of the best writers and thinkers working in the English language.

The Writing degree blends instruction in both professional and creative writing. Writing students learn how to craft creative texts from poetry and fiction to memoir and the essay. They also gain the skills needed by writing professionals in editing, publishing, public relations, and business. The program offers courses in fiction-writing, editing and publishing, small-press publishing and grammar and style. Writing classes are taught through the writing workshop method, which allows students to receive regular feedback from faculty and to learn how to work part of a creative team.