About the Arts Administration Program

The arts administration field of study helps students develop a bridge between the world of business and the passion of the arts. Students are exposed to business areas such as accounting and nonprofit organizations as well as aspects of fundraising, stakeholder development, and cultural policies.

By developing a strong foundation in these areas, students gain an understanding of the problems within the arts and find solutions needed to strive. 

With a mixture of guest lectures from local arts leaders and visits to various art organizations, students are given an opportunity to become engaged in the community and witness first-hand the unique relationship between business and art.

As an inter-disciplinary course of study, students are prepared for fields in:  

  • Museums & art galleries
  • Graphic design firms
  • Theatres
  • Symphonies & recording studios
  • Dance companies
  • Art & humanity councils

Arts Administration students gain direct experience in bringing the arts to our community

The arts administration curriculum requires 36 hours of coursework alongside another major, or two minors, as an arts discipline. Follow the link in order to learn more about the requirements.

Arts Administration Curriculum

Calls for Entry 

Miles of Separation: February 1 - 25, 2019
Entry deadline: January 14, 2019
Do you travel for luxury or necessity? Are there ways in which you travel that others don’t? Or have you seen travel that’s out of the ordinary? This show explores the way humans travel across the planet for asylum, weather events, luxury, exploration, or the need to relocate. We ask for your personal interpretations on the ease of to the difficulty of travel, inspired by and/or documenting all forms. This show will be juried by the directors of the C-Street Gallery.

Artistry of Astronomy: March 1 - 29, 2019
Entry deadline: February 11, 2019
What does the light from the stars reveal? What does the darkness of space conceal? What do you see when you look at the stars This show calls for works inspired by stellar and astrological events. How has your work captured an astrological moment in time or endless possibility in the night sky? How have galaxies, planetary systems, constellations, or space travel and exploration inspired your works? This show will be juried by the directors of the C-Street Gallery.

Miles of Separation     Artistry of Astronomy

Earn Your Master's In One Year With Drury's 4 + 1 Option

The arts administration major offers a concurrent credit option for undergraduate students meeting the requirements described in the graduate catalog. Eligible students may enroll in up to 9 credit hours of selected graduate courses from the Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership (MNCL) program. Successful completion of these courses will earn both undergraduate credit towards the bachelor's degree and graduate credit toward the MNCL degree.

Learn More About the 4 + 1 MNCL Program