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Wellness Programming Descriptions

Fitness Classes

(Classes Offerings Vary From Semester to Semester)

Boot Camp

Meeting weekly, this class is designed to build muscular strength & endurance. All fitness levels are welcome! Each exercise will have a beginner's version and an intermediate variation so individuals can work at their own pace. Every Boot Camp class will be different than the previous one to expand athletic strengths. If you are bored with your current workout or feel you are not making progress, this class is perfect for you!

Cardio Core

Cardio and strength training through the use of aerobic exercise, BOSUs, dumbbells, exercise balls, and more to improve endurance and tone muscle (with specific emphasis on the core).

Cardio Sculpt

Cardio and strength training through the use of aerobic exercise, BOSUs, dumbbells, exercise balls, and more in any combination to improve endurance and tone muscle.

Core, Abs, & Arms

This class uses slow, targeted movements designed to strengthen and tone the core and arms.

Core Intervals

A cardio/toning class suited for those who feel they are ready for an extra challenge in their workout.

Couch to 5k

A class for all fitness levels. If you're looking to begin a workout regimen and don't know where to start or want a goal to work towards, this class is for you!

Cross Training

A combination of various strength and conditioning exercises designed to reduce injury.

Floor Pilates

Mind-body exercise that uses the weight of the body to help you develop a longer, leaner look. Focuses on core strength and stability. 


High-Intensity Interval Training. This class is a total body workout designed to tone muscle and improve endurance through interval-based training. All fitness levels are welcome.

Legs & Abs

This class targets core muscles, focusing on the abdominal and leg muscles through cardio exercises, stretching, and routines. Slow, targeted movements are used to strengthen and tone the legs and abs.

Mobility & Motion

A combination of exercises including controlled movements that utilize a full range of motion. Designed to improve flexibility.

No Sweat Fitness

Designed for the ultimate beginner, this workout features light cardio and basic floor exercises to start you on your fitness journey. This is one workout you can do right before going to the office.

Running for Fitness

A class for those who like to run anywhere but the treadmill! This class features a group run and may include additional exercises to promote overall health and running ability.

Spin & Tone

Indoor Group Cycling (Spinning) is group energized but individually focused. Classes are challenging to each individual's fitness level in an upbeat and fast-paced environment. Besides being a great form of aerobic activity, indoor cycling is also beneficial in strengthening the muscles of the lower body.

Step Aerobics

45-50 minutes of cardio on the step with beginning-intermediate intensity and choreography.

Stretch & Flex

A variety of exercises designed to improve flexibility.

Stretch & Strength

This class is great for anyone who feels they need a gentle push getting started. You will gain flexibility and strength by using yoga movements, light equipment, resistance bands, and much more. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace.


A class based on Tabata, one of the most effective HIIT formats. If you are looking for an intense workout to increase strength and cardiovascular endurance, this class is for you!

Tai Chi

A form of Chinese martial art that uses slow movements and a focus on three main areas: health, meditation, and martial art.


Clear your mind and get energized with yoga. Different postures are used in a sequence to create an active and flowing routine. Yoga classes will increase flexibility and balance while promoting relaxation and relieving stress.


Dance yourself into shape! Zumba is a combination of Latin and hip-hop dance that creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective workout.  Zumba is open to all fitness and experience levels. If you're looking for a fun way to get your workout in, consider taking Zumba.