Two-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor or two-factor authentication offers an additional layer of protection to your email account against hackers. Whenever you try to log into your email account, a code will be sent to your cell phone, and that code must be entered before your account will be opened. 

Keep in mind: You must have your cell phone with you to access your email account.

To use two-factor authentication, follow these steps: 

Send an email to requesting that the function be activated on your account.

The Help Desk will notify you by email when the feature is enabled. Once it’s enabled, you will be unable to log into your email account unless you set up two-factor authentication.

When you receive the email confirming that the feature has been enabled, open your Outlook email. 

You will see the information below.  Click on "Set it up now" to begin.

Step 1: How should we contact you?

Select Authentication phone, your country and phone number.

For Method, select Send me a code by text message and click Next.

Step 2: We’ve sent a text message to your phone.

You will receive a text message with the code to enter on the screen.  Enter the code and click Verify.


Step 3:  Keep using your existing applications.

You may need to create passwords to access Outlook on some mobile device email apps.  You can avoid this if you use the Outlook app on mobile devices, rather than the device email app.

Click Done to exit the setup.

The next time you want to access your Outlook account, you will see the screen below.  Enter the code and click Verify.