Wireless Printing Locations
How to Print on the Drury Main Campus

Students print on campus through PaperCut. Each student has an allowance of 600 pages of free printing per semester.  Amounts over 600 pages are charged to the student’s account at a determined cost per page and must be paid by the end of the semester.  A record of the sheets printed and any balance due is available from the PaperCut menu described below.

Students may print from computers in the labs, FSC and Olin Library, or they may print from laptops and other devices using the wireless printing function. To use this function, the device must be connected to the Drury wifi network. Campus printers cannot be accessed from an off campus network or from the MyResNet network. However, dorm printers use email and may be accessed from any network.

Wireless Printing Locations

Olin Library

Olin Library First Floor Printers

  • OlinWestWall
  • OlinMicrofilm
  • OlinResearch

Olin Library Second Floor Printer

  • Olin2ndFloor

Findlay Student Center

  • FSCBasement

Springfield Hall Labs

  • SH Lab A
  • SH Lab B

Printing in the Dorms

Printers in the common areas of Sunderland, Wallace, Smith and College Park will print documents attached to emails from a Drury email account.  The entire document will print; there is no option to select pages.  Emails may be sent from any wifi connection.

The four email addresses are:


How to Print on the Drury Main Campus

Students may access the wireless printers on the main Drury campus if connected to the Drury network. 

Start in a browser and search for  The entire URL must be typed, including the "https://" prefix.

A window for a Drury username and password will appear.  Enter a Drury username and password and click Log In.

On the Web Print screen, click on the Submit a Job button,

A list of the wireless printers will appear.  Click on the radio button next to the one to be used and click on the Print Options & Account Selection button at the bottom of the screen.

On the Options screen, select the number of copies or leave the default at 1 and click the Upload Documents button.

On the Upload screen, drag and drop the document(s) to be printed, or click on Upload From Computer to select the file from document storage.

Once it's selected, an icon for the document will appear above the drag and drop box.  Click the Upload and Complete button.

The screen will return to the first screen but it will include a notation of the status of the print.

Click on the Summary section to see a record of sheets printed and a balance due, if any.