Faxes may be sent from campus using XMediusFAX. 

Go to the XMediusFAX website. Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox as the website will not function correctly using other browsers. 

Enter your Drury username and password in the security window.



On the XMediusFAX home page, click the Compose button at the top left.


On the first tab, Compose, enter the name(s) of the recipients and the fax number. 

***Be sure to use “9” before any fax number and “1” if the number is long distance.

A coversheet with a subject and comments is an option.


Click on the second tab, Sender and Company Information, to verify or edit your information. 


The Options tab defaults to standard settings, but enables you to change the number of tries if the fax line is busy, or set a delayed time for the fax to be sent.


When all information has been completed, click the Submit button at the top of the screen.