Pre-Law Testimonials

Alexis Dutt '15

Graduated: 2015
English, Writing and Spanish
Global Studies and Law and Society

The Pre-Law curriculum was essential for helping me to make an informed decision about attending law school. By taking classes like Constitutional Law and Business Law while at Drury, my interest in a legal career had a chance to be confirmed in an undergraduate classroom environment before committing to three more years of a challenging program. I found it particularly helpful in my first year of law school to already have some familiarity with legal vocabulary and general concepts. I even was able to argue a case in front of Missouri Court of Appeals judges before I even graduated from Drury.

I have found my internships particularly valuable in law school. Already having substantial practical knowledge is invaluable. Employers were able to look at my work experience on my resume to know that I was serious about the law and that I already had some foundational knowledge to build off of. More than anything, law school is not a choice to be made flippantly, and I felt that by participating the in the Pre-Law curriculum, I was able to be as prepared as possible to make my decision.

I am currently in my second year (2L) at the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am pursuing a career in immigration law.

Alex Wulff '08

Graduated: 2008
Major: American Government
Current: Atwill & Montgomery

I believe the pre-law program at Drury was excellent in preparing me for not only law school but the practice of law. It made me think critically about complex issues and how to consider opposing viewpoints. I also believe the small class size added additional accountability that was especially important early on in adapting to the challenges of law school. The amount of research required in the Pre-Law courses was also a big help in preparing me for the challenges presented in first year writing and research requirements.

I currently work for Atwill & Montgomery in Columbia, Mo. I started here in 2011 and recently celebrated 5 years. We are an insurance defense company that specializes in Workers’ Compensation. We also handle many civil defense case as well.

Maisie Baldwin '15

Graduated: 2015
Majors: French and Literature and International Political Studies
Minor: Middle East Studies

Drury has a really supportive environment for helping students achieve their goals, regardless of what that goal is.  Professors throughout my time at Drury asked questions about what I wanted, why I wanted them, and provided me with the tools to succeed.  I have noticed that the ability to think critically and engage in class discussion have both served me well so far in law school.  Much like the faculty at Drury, professors in law school don't just want you to repeat what an author said; they want you to criticize, analyze, engage, and question everything you read.  Professors in law school often will ask you which side you support, the reasons for your support, and then to argue the opposite position.  I felt that throughout my time at Drury, professors would similarly challenge me.  A major component of my success in law school has also been having confidence.  It sounds silly, but  having the confidence to approach law professors, to raise your hand in class, and to apply for jobs that may seem like a "reach" have all helped enrich my experience.  I attribute a lot of that confidence to my time at Drury and the encouraging environment.  In law, you cannot be afraid to be labeled as "wrong."  I see so many of my peers struggle with wanting to be "right" and as a result, they ignore HOW lawyers arrive at their answers. 

In the summer of 2016, I worked at a local legal aid office focused on public benefits.  In this role, I met with clients, advocated in administrative hearings, wrote motions for court, and researched some newly passed state legislation.  At the end of my summer, I participated in a few different career fairs in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and New York.  I ultimately accepted a job with a firm out in New York (Milbank, Tweed, Hadley, & McCloy) for summer of 2017.

Right now I'm in my second year of law school.  I'm taking courses to prepare to do complex financial investigation and litigation.  I am also a staff member of the Minnesota Law Review, a student managing editor for Constitutional Commentary, and involved in the law school's annual musical production.  

Kathleen Bly '09 

Graduated: 2009
Major: International Political Studies

Drury's pre-law program helped prepare me for what to expect as a law student and as an attorney. While I was at Drury, the Pre-Law Program brought in local area attorneys who explained the process of taking the LSAT entrance examination, attending law school and then taking the Bar Exam and working as a lawyer. Hearing their insight encouraged me to pursue my ambition of becoming a lawyer. My Pre-Law advisor at Drury also counseled me regarding LSAT scores and the process for being accepted to law school. After graduating from Drury, I attended law school at the University of Arkansas.
Upon graduating from the University of Arkansas School of Law in 2012, I began working for Parmele Law Firm. While at Parmele Law Firm, I practiced disability law and represented clients who were seeking to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. In August of 2014, I started at Reece Family Law, where I practiced domestic law, assisting clients with adoptions, divorces, guardianships and paternity cases. In September 2016, I felt moved to pursue a change of career and I am currently doing full-time Christian missionary work in the United States.