Longtime New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff to speak at Drury Oct. 24

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., October 17, 2018 — Former New Yorker cartoon editor and humorist Bob Mankoff will share his story at Drury University during a public lecture next week.

His presentation, titled “I Only Read It For the Cartoons: An Insider’s History of the New Yorker” will be held at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 24 in Lay Hall Auditorium. There will be a reception and book-signing afterward. 

Mankoff, currently the humor and comic editor at Esquire, spent 35 years as a staff cartoonist at The New Yorker, and was the publication’s cartoon editor from 1997 to 2017. During that time, he poured over thousands of comic submissions, selecting and refining each to ensure that they produced the laughs readers have come to expect – and many they did not expect. In 2005, Mankoff helped start the famous New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, in which 5,000 readers a week submitted their best captions for each issue’s unaccompanied comic. Always an innovator in the field, Mankoff has even worked with Microsoft and Google Deep Mind to develop high-tech algorithms that help cull these submissions and sort out the funniest captions.

In this fast-paced and funny multimedia presentation featuring cartoons and videos, Mankoff will usher audiences into the hallowed halls of The New Yorker to reveal the start-to-finish process of cartoon creation, giving a detailed look at the comics that keep readers laughing every week. In a more serious note, Mankoff will also share commentary on the place of The New Yorker and its cartoons in American culture and history. Audience members will have the chance to meet Mankoff in a reception and book signing following the event.

Mankoff’s visit marks the return of the Morrison Lecture series, sponsored by Drury’s Olin Library. This is the second annual installment of the series, which is named in honor of Drury’s first president, Nathan Morrison, a staunch supporter of the library.  


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