Drury recognizes SPD Officer Michael Walker for campus safety contributions

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., May 22, 2018 —The Drury University Board of Trustees has awarded a Trustee Citation to Officer Michael Walker of the Springfield Police Department in recognition of his work in evaluating the university campus for safety improvements using the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). 

Officer Walker is one of two SPD officers assigned to the Drury campus full time and works daily with Drury’s on-campus security staff and university administration. CPTED is a proactive crime-fighting technique in which effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction of incidents and improve quality of life.

Enhancements and changes now being made on campus (or are under consideration) because of Officer Walker’s work include:

  • Creating specific addresses for each building on campus, making it easier for first responders to locate buildings quickly, especially as addresses are generated via emergency signals from mobile devices.
  • Trimming vegetation and landscaping in some areas to improve lines-of-sight.
  • Adding barriers in some parking and transitional areas around building entrances.
  • Increasing the use of security cameras.
  • Improving and upgrading lighting, including increased use of brighter LED lights.
  • Relocating some bike racks.
  • Installing public art on campus to demonstrate increased community ownership of the area.

“Drury University is grateful for Officer Walker and those who help support his work,” says Drury Trustee Tim Reese. “His CPTED site survey provides us with a proactive roadmap to help assure that Drury’s students, employees and property are safe and secure in accomplishing our institutional mission. In particular, the adoption of CPTED principles on our campus supports the time-critical efforts of first responders to reduce the opportunity for crime, stop threats, and render aid.”


Media Contact: Mike Brothers, Executive Director of University Relations - (417) 873-7390 or

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