Drury offers arts administration students a fast track to a master’s degree in nonprofit leadership

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Aug. 8, 2018 — In a pairing of two of its most distinctive programs, Drury University is now offering a path for students to earn both a bachelor’s degree in arts administration and a master’s degree in nonprofit and civic leadership in just five years. 

The “4+1” program makes it possible for academically qualified and motivated students to begin their 30-hour master’s degree while still an undergraduate, saving them both time and money.

The option creates a unique combination of distinctive academic programs. Drury’s arts administration program is one of only a handful of such degree offerings at the undergraduate level across the country. It helps students develop a bridge between the world of business and the passion of the arts by exposing them to subjects such as accounting and marketing as well as aspects of fundraising, stakeholder development, and cultural policies. Drury’s Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership, launched in 2016, prepares students for leading community change by preparing them for executive service in the nonprofit world.  

“This is a natural pairing; one that will give students who complete both programs an extremely solid grounding in the combination of business, the arts, nonprofit strategy, and leadership skills,” says Dr. Regina Waters, dean of Drury’s College of Graduate Studies. “We consulted with arts and nonprofit leaders from the area and from as far away as Chicago in creating this 4+1 offering, and each of them praised the relevance and applicability of the degrees and the path we’ve laid out.” 

This is the second “4+1” combination to be offered at Drury. The School of Education and Child Development also offers a path for completing a both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just five years– one of the few such options in the field of education in the state of Missouri.

How it works

Working closely with advisors, eligible undergraduate students may enroll in up to 9 credit hours of selected graduate courses from the Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership program while they are pursuing their bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of these courses will earn both undergraduate credit toward the bachelor’s degree and graduate credit toward a master’s degree.

Students typically complete bachelor’s degree coursework in four years. They will then take the remaining 21 hours of graduate coursework during the subsequent three or four semesters (the typical sequence is summer, fall, and spring semesters).

More details about eligibility requirements, course schedules, and tuition structures are available at

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