Drury certificate program provides accessible path to understanding cybersecurity

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Sept. 12, 2018 — What business leaders don’t know about information security can can cause real harm – to their customers, to their company’s reputation, and to their bottom line.

The threat has grown well beyond being a concern merely for IT directors or third-party vendors. It’s now essential for an organization’s leadership team to have a thorough understanding of cybersecurity. Managing such risks is a top-level priority that must be weighed alongside an organization’s available resources and strategic goals. 

Since 2016, Drury University has offered an attainable path to understanding this issue, designed especially for those who aren’t IT pros or self-described “geeks” – the Cybersecurity Leadership Certificate.

Now, the university is making the graduate-level CSL Certificate even more accessible in two ways:

  • Streamlining the number of courses required to just four (12 credit hours); and
  • Offering a cohort starting in October that features three of those courses entirely online and one blended course that requires only three seated sessions on campus.

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“We know that more than 40 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses, and that the average cost of a data breach in 2018 is more than 3 million dollars,” says Dr. Shannon McMurtrey, who leads the CSL graduate certificate program at Drury and is a recognized expert in the field. “Barely a week goes by without another large breach making headlines and causing headaches for business leaders. This knowledge is essential – and it’s more accessible than most people think.”

The new streamlined requirements mean the Cybersecurity Leadership Certificate can be earned in less than a year. The cohort starting in October will complete work by early August of 2019. Courses include an exploration of the fundamentals of cybersecurity, managing risk, legal issues, and the kinds of tools and techniques commonly used by hackers.  

Participants need not have an extensive background in computer systems or technology; the graduate certificate is designed to meet the needs of business leaders in any industry. A bachelor’s degree in any field and two recommendations are required. Additionally, MBA seekers have the opportunity to roll their certificate into their Master’s program, earning up to six credit hours toward their MBA degree in the process.

The Cyber Security Leadership Certificate is offered through Drury’s College of Graduate Studies, and applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree to apply. Prospective applicants can learn more about the program and view a full list of admission requirements here. The deadline to apply for the upcoming cohort is October 12, 2018.

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