31st International Food Festival offers interactive celebration of cultures

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., April 2, 2018 — Drury’s International Student Association will host a friendly gathering of foods and cultures at the 31st Annual International Food Festival from 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday, April 7, in the the Findlay Student Center Commons. Tickets are $15 for the general public and can be purchased online.

As in previous years, international students will prepare authentic food from their home countries to be shared with participants. The dinner will include dishes from 10 different countries, including Italy, Egypt, Pakistan, Slovenia, Costa Rica, and others. The meal will be accompanied by live performances of cultural songs and dances from across the globe, as well as a parade of world flags around the Commons.  

“I think food speaks to everything, and it sort of tells you about the lifestyle of a country or culture,” says Velona Tawfik, president of the Drury International Student Association. “If you just made it a showcase of different countries, people might not be interested. But food is something that will appeal to everyone.” 

However, the International Food Festival is about more than just eating. It is an opportunity to learn about other cultures and interact with people of diverse backgrounds while staying close to home.

New this year, the festival will feature a time for attendees to engage with other cultures in a hands-on and interactive way. Following the dinner, attendees will have the opportunity to learn traditional group dances from different countries around the world.

“‘Breaking bread’ with others is a great way to overcome social and cultural barriers,” says Heejung Cromley, director of international support services for Drury. “As Drury is an educational institution, introducing our students to the cultural habits of others is another way of providing educational value to them. The interactive portion will be a good way for students, faculty, and staff to experience some of the wonderful things our international students bring to DU. Think of it as grassroots diplomacy.”


Media Contact: Heejung Cromley, Director of International Support Services - (417) 873-7885 or

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