Drury President Dr. Tim Cloyd casts a vision of opportunity at inauguration

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Oct. 26, 2017 — Dr. Tim Cloyd was formally installed as Drury University’s 18thpresident on Wednesday, and he used the occasion to cast a vision for the 143-year-old liberal arts institution based on the inaugural theme “Virtue & Virtuosity: Leadership for the 21st Century.”

“Virtue & virtuosity” is a phrase Cloyd has often invoked to describe Drury’s academic blend of an intellectually engaging liberal arts experience and high-caliber professional studies. From its founding, it has been in Drury’s DNA to “teach students first that there are better and worse ways to live a life” as well how to be life-long learners in the areas of technical and professional competencies.

“We know what is enduring,” Cloyd said in his address to more than 300 invited guests in historic Stone Chapel. “We know that to lead and succeed in the future people will need to be able to penetrate beyond the apparent or likely, to frame and test hypothesis, to interpret all kinds of data and information, to improvise, to see the world through another’s eyes, and to know that more than one interpretation may be right.

“In five years, we do not know where nanotechnology, genome mapping, the connection of organic and inorganic material or artificial intelligence will take us. A background in or exposure to STEM and applied fields, and pragmatic credentials for every student is critical in today’s world, but is the learning how to learn that is the most important.”

Cloyd began his duties as president of Drury in 2016, following 13 years as president of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Under Cloyd’s leadership, Hendrix became recognized as a national liberal arts college and saw significant growth in enrollment, campus facilities, and alumni giving. At Drury, President Cloyd is following a similar playbook, with a strategic focus on boosting the university’s regional and national profile through innovative academic offerings and a new campus master plan, as well as increasing alumni engagement.

Now in his second full year at Drury and with these inter-related strategic efforts moving forward at a swift pace, Cloyd cast a vision of great opportunity for those attending the inauguration ceremony, and for Drury’s entire base of alumni and friends.

“The frame of our own destiny was set by those who went before us,” he said. “They are the giants on whose shoulders we stand today. But what we place in that frame is up to us.”


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