Survey says Drury University is among the most-loved schools on Twitter

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., June 9, 2016 — Drury University is getting lots of love on social media these days. That’s according to, which collected and analyzed 100,000 tweets mentioning universities’ Twitter handles during March and April of this year to find out which schools have the most positive and negative sentiments in the Twitterverse.

Drury topped the list of universities with the “most positive words per tweet” according to the analysis, with 1.89 positive words per tweet. Some of the most common positive words found across all tweets were: great, like, love, work, recommend and happy. Others schools on the list include Gonzaga University, St. Lawrence University and Bradley University. Schools with the highest average Twitter sentiment included Duke, Wake Forest, Villanova, Syracuse and Temple.

“Universities are no strangers to social media – and their students definitely aren’t either,” the report says. “Tweets directed at these schools take all forms. Not only can prospective students log in to Twitter to see the general vibe of a school, college staff and administrators can tune in to either address concerns or revel in praise.”

The survey was picked up today by U.S New & World Report, which regularly covers higher education.

Drury is on Twitter under the handle @DruryUniversity. Links to all of Drury’s social media accounts can be found at


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